Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Smaller grocer soon to be a thing of the past in the UK

This morning's Market Watch has linked to a story regarding the UK's smaller grocercy stores - the Neighborhood Grocer - is what I call them:

UK supermarkets will gobble up corner shops in the next decade
Corner shops in the country could be an extinct animal by the next decade owing to the aggressive expansion of the "big four" supermarkets, according to a latest report by MPs. This is especially true because independent wholesalers are almost out of the business, says the report. “Supermarkets will say that they are also providing convenience stores, but the prospect for the independent operator is very, very bleak indeed," said Jim Dowd, the Labour MP, who is the chairman of an all-party group that tabled this report. "This is a sector that chains were not even in a little more than five years ago and now they have more than 600 stores." Full story here.

I am not a fan of big box stores. They serve the masses only. I am not sure the UK is even large enough to enjoy the big box stores on a mass level. I have never been to the UK (someday in my dreams maybe) however, the way I've always seem them is a more neighborly type of nation. Supporting each other in their communities and neighborhoods. The elimination or crushing of the neighborhood market is a shame in my opinion. I would hope this isn't an accurate assessment of what will happen.