Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some of my favorite non-food bloggers on food

Every now and then I find some of the best posts on food by non-food bloggers. Recently I have been slacking due to the flu and have found a couple of great posts regarding food, food companies and becoming food professionals. My two favorites I've listed below:
The first is by my very favorite web writer. Tony Woodlief authors a blog called Sand In the Gears. I have been reading Tony's blog for about two years now and have read the archives all the way through. He has an amazing ability to capture and retell the stories of home so well. I live through my own childhood and that of my children's while reading his blog. However, I read the post I linked to in December. it made me laugh out loud. I love his take on the Swiss Miss pudding cup fiasco and he also has one to the Frito Lay company a little later in the month. If you need a good laugh, Tony is your guy.

Second, is the blog of one incredible person. Superhero journal is the blog of Andrea Scher. Most of you are probably familiar with her blog and love going there as much as I do. What I like about her is the way she is able to see with different eyes and point out to all of us the wonder of the world we live in. She posts great photos everyday and the photos alone are enough to make you want to grab a camera and see what you haven't seen. Recently she had posted this picture and story. It helps to remind us that we all work hard and mess up and work hard some more. That even talent takes work and incredible things happen when we try try again.

Tony and Andrea are two of my favorite non-food bloggers!