Monday, December 12, 2005

Sugar, sugar

Not the song, the real thing, refined sugar.

Sugar prices have risen about 50% due to hurricane Katrina. Most of the Gulf Coast's cane fields were wiped out during the storms of '05. So, make the best of your holiday sweets! In january you'll see a significant price increase.

Why so long before the increase? Well, vendors set their prices long before a season is upon them, so they have to wait for the new season before they can raise prices. Contracts are contracts, and hopefully your favorite retailer has locked their prices in before the hurricane season hit. So many candy, ketchup and confectioners will wait until the beginning of January to raise their prices and recover a bit of the losses they've incurred. Many have said they've a stack of price increases just waiting for January. So if you have a favorite, stock up or enjoy now.

January has always been a good month to give up sweets anyway!