Monday, December 05, 2005

Blogging by Mail #3

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Yahoo! Today is Monday. I have had a difficult time getting the motivation to do anything today! Last night we did a dinner for 120 and I'm just set back by that a bit.

I was sitting, taking a view of outdoors, when the postman pulled up. He got out, fished for something in his truck, and came to the door. I asked my husband if he was expecting a package. No, came his reply.

I opened the door and said thanks to the postman and began inspecting the package. Singapore! Who do you know in Singapore? Not a soul. Hmmm. Thank it hit me! This must be my blogging by mail package! Yay! Yay!

I quickly opened it to find the nicest things!My blogging by Mail person just happens to be Mumu, the author of A Curious Mix! I hoped my package would be from an international blogger! You see I don't travel much at all, and any way to get to learn about other people and places is welcomed!

And, wonderful is how I would describe this box of goodies and info! Mumu included a good list of items, including dried guava! She remembered reading that I wondered what it must be like dried and sent me some! Along with the guava came all sort of good things: A Curry premix and a chicken rice mix! Some Bak Kwa - barbecue pork slices, mmmm! Some Rice Krispies from Shanghai! Along with those items a couple of pouches of sauce mixes for sweet and sour and a lemon chicken dish. Wow! I will have a feast!

Mumu included these items as the holiday she chose to share is the Chinese New Year. I probably won't wait that long to try some of these items. Some things look too good to put off until later.

Mumu also included a couple of really great looking recipes that I will definitely try. One for steamed fish with fermented soy beans and the other for sweet taro sticks. The taro is readily available so this one will be made shortly. Along with the recipes, she included the food section of the local English paper on Sunday and the local Wine and Dine magazine.

Thank you! Thank you so much Mumu for sharing a bit of Singapore with me! I will keep in touch with you through your blog!

And, my neighborhood grows day by day. ;-)