Thursday, December 22, 2005

Presents for me!

Presents for me!
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I rarely ask for persents. It makes me feel weird. "what do you want?" Well, what i really want is a trip to Ireland for four weeks, but that ain't happening so really nothing is usually my response.

I do keep a wish list at Amazon, just so I can remember all the cookbooks I want to purchase. I am severely lacking in the retention mode as far as book titles and Amazon helps keep me informed, thus the list.

So the big guy went to look at my list and got me this book. It is really nice! I always say used is good on my list just in case someone wants to buy me something they never have to pay full price. It also is a good way to know what recipes are good, if the pages are dog eared and all. This book was listed as used, but it evidently was a gift for someone who didn't want it or some other reason. It had never been opened! It's a great book, I will spend a lot of time with in the future.

The second wonderful gift pictured was from my great sister s'mee! She made this plate for me because she knows my love for all things chocolate. She hand painted all the chocolates and they look very much like the real thing! They even have ridges and swirls like the real thing.

Her best statement about the plate was that her grandson, was upset because the chocolates weren't real. He didn't find the illusion to his liking at all.

Wonderful unexpected gifts. They're the best kind!