Thursday, August 21, 2008

Queen Elizabeth can now step down.

I'm confident Charles is ready. This story is my only indication. I think I may have mis-judged Charles all along. My apologies.

Anyone who considers GMO crops are bad is a luddite. Nice. Natural, pure, organic, the way plants should be grown is wrong, so says the Labor Party. If you disagree, the name calling begins. Yes, that's how the Labor Party works when talking about farming. Well, they're wrong. Factory farming is ruining this world, and the least of its citizens will suffer the most. Go read the article. It's worth your time.

Best line of the article? "He (Prince Charles) added that "clever" genetic engineers had put the world on course for the "biggest disaster environmentally of all time."

It's nice to know one political leader is informed and has the cahonies to say what needs to be said.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, this is a great welcome home! When I left our humble abode, there were ants in my craft/computer room. I sprayed a bit of deterrent and went on my way thinking they just found themselves in through a small hole the satellite guy put in the wall. I'll caulk it when I get back, I thought to myself.

Well, not so. They proceeded to join my husband in the bathroom one morning, he again sprayed and thought they were gone. Ugh. Now they have vehemently taken residence in the kitchen and no amount of anything to deter them will suffice.

I need your best "get rid of ants" help! My mother in law said Comet would get rid of them. Well, deter, not get rid of. Any other remedies out there that you can help me with to rid my home of these unwanted guests?

If your idea works, I'll send you one of my glass plates or a cake mix, you get to choose! Go tell your friends - the chronicler has ants!

Update:Nothing has definitively worked. The only thing that seems to have abated them was the coolness of the day. We had a couple of days last week when it got down right cool (only in the 80s. No ants. So until this hot hot hot is over, I guess we'll be consigned to sharing space.

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