Thursday, May 14, 2009


Quite the flap over a breakfast cereal don't you think? The FDA is trying to wield it long arm and force General Mills to change their packaging. They claim to lower cholesteral and all...

What a fiasco. If the FDA really was concerned they'd have General Mills and the rest of the food production world actually use ingredients that we, as consumers, could trust to be healthy for our bodies.

They'd quit allowing large companies like Monsanto, ADM and Cargill and their lobbyists control congress and their own researchers. They'd actually have consumer health as their goal.

Instead, the FDA is only interested in headlines.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cake class

I'm teaching a beginning cake decorating class beginning Thursday. It's funny that s'mee and I both were asked to teach them. She got through hers, and I of course, put them off until now. It will be a basic class, then if the students wish to go on they'll have to get specific on what they want to learn.
Spring cake

Week 1
will cover the basics of baking, prepping and the ways to make frosting. I was going to have them bring a cake to work with that first week until one of the attendees wrote me and asked just how you use parchment paper when baking a cake.

Week 2 we will put into practice a bit of what we learned in week 1. We will fill, and crumb coat then frost the cake in a basic icing. We'll talk about smoothing, and a bit about decorative tips.

Week 3 we will use the tips to make differnt designs and cover questions from week 2's experimentation at home. Well talk about different ways cakes can be shaped and flavored.

Week 4
we will talk a bit about fondant. I have told them fondant is its own class, I will not be teaching how to cover a cake in fondant in this series. We will learn a few fondant decorations and flower making a bit.

All in all we should have a great time.

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