Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Food for Models!

I have read in the past that runway models eat only ice. Ugh! Such slaves to fashion that they restrict all caloric content to have a figure (to literally) die for.

Well, the New York Times has an article that will make them smile! I can't imagine anyone else finding this foray into gourmet eating very inviting or filling. Chicago's trendy Moto Restaurant has introduced a new 20 item tasting menu. You can begin with "sushi" and end with a peppermint, all printed on paper - edible paper. The paper is infused with flavors and pictures are good enough to resemble the real thing, maki, candy canes, filet mignon! It has zero caloric content, yet may contain amino acids and other nutrients. The chef - Homaro Cantu - has designed this edible paper from modified food starch and uses food grade inks, infused with intense flavors, to print the pictures. Many who have tried them have enjoyed them enough to book meal, a $240 meal. That would be the meal for non-models, they'll have to stick to the paper stuff!

Chef Cantu has applied for three patents for the process and is very tight lipped about exactly how the paper is made and infused. If a journalist would like to sample a prototype, a four page non-disclosure agreement must be signed. Cantu is already developing ads for magazines and thinks the possibilites of his inventions are expansive.