Thursday, January 19, 2006

Albertson's - sold!

Okay, in case you're hearing these reports! Albertson's has once again put itself up for sale. Can we say confusing the workforce people! With that news is the news that Supervalu, while stating it was going elsewhere, has submitted a new bid! Stock prices soared today, well as soaring as food companies soar, and the bid was higher than the $26 a share Albertson's was asking in December. Supervalu put this deal together with a bunch of private equity firms, investors, et al. Maybe this time it will be accepted.

Let's hope so, I'm not sure anyone is calculating the cost in employees. Especially those key, super, employees that have already bailed on the company due to the confusion!

Update: Albertson's accepted Supervalue's bid and will be sold to the consortium and the company will be split apart. The larger portion going to Supervalu, including Briston Farms. The deal is expected to close mid - 2006. Full story: Albertson's Sold