Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Holy Grail of Waffle Irons

I was walking around a swap meet on Saturday. We haven't been to one in years! Every time I go to one though there is always one thing I keep my eyes open for: a waffle iron. You cannot buy a good small square waffle iron anymore!

Years ago, when we were in school with three small girls, I learned to make a fab, simple dessert. Waffle Brownies! It was easy to whip up some batter and make little brownies for a crowd of kids. But the batter doesn't work on a large square waffle cooker. So after my own waffle iron died a few years back I have been scouring second hand stores for a good used one.

Well Saturday was my day! A good quality working GE waffle iron! I asked the man selling it what the asking price was and I knew it would be mine. He started to say a price, and then looked defeated before even saying a price, a look I am very familiar with - because it's mine usually - and then he said "four dollars". I said super, no haggling required and gave him my four dollars. I proudly carried that wonder of wonders all over the rest of the swap meet. I took it home and cleaned her up and wow! I have been working more than usual so I haven't made brownies yet, but I'll post the pictures when I do!
See! The little squares!