Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chuao Chocolate

Gratuitous Chocolate
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My good friend made her way across the U.S. last week in her beetle. She stopped here and there visiting those who love her. She came to stay with me yesterday. Yay! She moved last year to Minnesota, I have missed her a lot. You see, she and I share a passion - chocolate! The darker the better.

So, while the very wonderful Michele graciously chose me to be her site of the day, I missed most of the adulation of the crowd because of her visit. It was filled with laughter, chatter and best of all, a favorite treat.

My friend came bearing gifts. All readers should know, she knows me all too well, and has appropriately remembered the best gifts to bring when visiting friends left behind, is very good chocolate! Dear friend knew that a box of very excellent chocolates from Chuaowould trump site the of day nomination indeed!

I still am very very grateful to all who visited and especially Michele's nomination! But who could resist these?
Chuao Chocolates

If you really don't get it click on the picture to see them in the life size version and then, you too, will understand.

I'll get to your comments soon. You're all just great! And everyone has such great sites to visit. So those of you who don't know Michele, or any of the other commentors, click on their homepages and expand your neighborhoods!