Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happily Ever After Wedding Cake

Happily Ever After
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This is how I spent my Saturday. I actually do this stuff all week and then don't think much about it on weekends. Usually. However, the sweetest girl was marrying her favorite guy today. She found out two weeks ago I do cakes for a living. She wondered if I could do a cake for her reception. I told her we were probably a little more than she could afford, and then offered if she wanted a homemade cake, I could do one at home.

She jumped at the chance. I did the best I could without the right equipment and this is what was agreed upon. A gift to them. Lemon cake with buttercream icing. decorated with whimsy and on the bottom tier - Happily Ever After with tiny gold bows placed here and there.

I still couldn't get the last cake in July out of my mind and stressed probably way to much for this one. It set up easily and the bride was ecstatic. I could see the errors and the leaning slightly top tier, but she was thrilled and that's what we were going for on this one.