Friday, July 22, 2005

Oooooo! Yes!

Today I was taking a much earned break. The Wedding, reception and open house are over. (Much excitement was enjoyed and much happiness!) So I was indulging in a favorite pastime: TV
I was watching The Travel Channel, a show about museums of the world - very interesting - "I must go to London" I heard my husband say. Then off to a commercial. This is where my interest is peaked!

Anthony Bourdain, author of many books including Kitchen Confidential, has signed on to do a show for The Travel Channel. It looks as if it will be very good. As if Chef Bourdain would do anything less! The series is called No Reservations. One line from the commercial: "Food TV, cooks who can't cook and food you can't eat". I look forward to setting my Tivo for this one!

Update: Wow! I enjoyed it very much. Favorite part? Anthony's shaking hands with the green fairy! LOL! I did also enjoy his trip through the sewer, and the breadmaker. I will be a continuing watcher! Two thumbs up here!