Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Bookshelf

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I said I'd take a shot of the bookshelf for the new room when I got a chance. Well, this is it in all its glory.


It looks a bit loaded down, doesn't it. Top of bookshelf: Laminator and cute box I got at an Amish Museum store when I was back in Hyde Park, NY.
First shelf: Computer reference books, Dreamweaver, Flash and Adobe Suite mostly.
Second shelf: Cookbooks
Third shelf: Cookbooks
Fourthshelf: My crafting/cooking/catering/gardening/you name it reference library. Each is labeled as to the contents and it an amazing assortment of information on just about everything domestic!
Last shelf: Nice boxes holding supplies (which isn't very visible in this pic).
Shelf to the side of the bookshelf is loaded with food magazines for professionals. Mags like Bakery management, pastry and baking, food processing and engineering, and specialty food magazines. On top find my picturemate so i can print digital pics when I need them.

All in all a fun little corner of the room! ;-D