Sunday, July 24, 2005

FoodTv - America's Next Food Network Star

So most of you watched at least snippets of this show. Dan and Steve won and will have their own show. Yeah, that one.
News today: Hans, you know the good looking southerner who talked really fast and was probably the guy to win... because he really can cook! I followed a link from my favorite Loobylu to a new link this morning. Amirue is a designer of children's toys. Yeah, yeah, so what does that have to do with Hans? Well AmyRue is Hans' wife. And she has confided in the net that Hans has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is trying to get an appointment at MD Anderson (we all know this is the best place to go for someone with his problems) and well, they could use some prayers and well wishes from the food bloggers of the world. This guy is one of us! Maybe he doesn't blog, but he does cook. So go over to AmyRue's Live Journal spot and leave a kind word or two. Okay?