Saturday, July 30, 2005

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker
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Here it is! I found this today after a frantic search. I was really looking for it when I did the Cook's meme and could not find it anywhere. Finally I found that I had put it up where little hands could not reach as it is in quite a delicate condition. You see it is Betty Crocker's 1957 First Edition Girls and Boys cookbook. That would make it about 48 years old! As a seven year old I even looked like the girl on the front cover. Pony tail and all!

I was given this book at age 7 (not 1957, a few years later). I began perusing its covers from front to back and back to front. I dreamed of the day I could make everything from cover to cover. Mind you I didn't even know what a mushroom was at 7, but I was willing to try anything. Well, everything except rutabegas! In fact it was a rule at our house that you had to try everything put before you and after three bites if you couldn't stand it you didn't have to finish it. That was the modified version. There were those horrible years of having to eat something for breakfast that you didn't (refused to) eat for dinner. Thank goodness that rule changed!

Igloo cake S'mee said she used to yearn for that igloo cake! I remember thinking it must take a real chef to pull that one off! Silly Salad This is the silly salad! And there are those mushrooms, that were so intriguing years ago. However, the piece de resistance was the cheesedreams! I made these until the entire family was sick of them! I actually still like them. Cheese Dreams! They were easy, tasty and filling! I remember when my girls were young I even would make them for a family night simple dinner.

My little cookbook is falling apart. The front cover and first 11 pages are separated from the rest of the book. They actually now have a facsimile copy of the edition available that looks and reads just like old one. Amazon, Alibris and others have it available. It truly is a fun book for kids, everyone should own one!
Betty Crocker back cover