Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bride's Bouquet

Bride's Bouquet
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Hugs were hugged. Smiles were smiled. Vows were spoken. A couple so happy it was unpeakable! They both began smiling at the beginning of the day, and when they ran off to their honeymoon they were still ecstatic!

In the middle of a heat wave we celebrated this wedding. First in a reception hall that would not cool down. Tables at the reception The air was on and in other rooms in the building it was ice cold. However, where we assembled for the fun, it was hot! 90+ degrees at least.

I was busy taking care of details and asked another to take pictures. Pictures of food. Of fun. Of frolic. Well we have the last two, and I am happy for that. Unfortunately - no pictures of food - unless you count the trailings of platters almost empty after the feast was completed.

Many people have asked what was served. A simple meal of italian pastas and breads: Lemon and Orange Biscotti, mixed greens with vinagrette dressing, anti pasti platter, an asparagus and endive pasta salad, pasta salad with salami, mozarella and artichokes, olives, etc;and bruschetta with crostini and chicken tetrazini. There were supporting players of a parmesan spread with artichokes and garlic, a roasted garlic cream cheese spread, and non- toasted sourdough rounds for those who didn't like crostini. We also had a couple of tiered dishes of tartletts.
Tartletts These are the signature dish (this photo was not taken the day of the wedding, but is a good representation of what was served). Tartletts with chocolate ganache or fresh strawberries. We of course had wedding cake. White cake with strawberry filling, buttercream frosting. Punch? There were five to compliment the theme of citrus: Watermelon juice, Tangerine punch, Lime cooler, Lemonade, and ice water. It was soooo pretty!

We followed with an open house in another city a few days later. At that the faire was more simple. An olive tapenade, again bruschetta with crostini, an antipasti salad, cheesecake with berries or cherries, cake and punch or ice water.

Oh yes, I must mention that that day we were also in a stage two energy crisis and SoCal Edison turned off eveyone's air conditioners at 2 p.m. The inside temperature climbed to 92 degrees. It was back on two hours later. By the time guests arrived we had the temp down to 80 degrees. It was a hot week for certain!

One Daisy Left This is the last daisy standing! You can see remnants of the "citrus theme" in the background and a pic of the happy couple. All in all it was a fine celebration. The last of three weddings for this family.

I am glad my daughters chose well. The guys are all wonderful. They have added sons to our family and we love eachone of them. We even really like the extended families that have joined ours! Each has chosen a man they can be married to forever. They will enjoy the ups and downs of life together and they'll be happy during their journeys.