Sunday, July 10, 2005

Great Outdoors 3600

Great Outdoors 3600
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There are a select few people whose interest is peaked when you say those words outloud. My husband is one of them. He has been a fan of this wonderful little item for years. So for Father's Day, (well, we called it a Father's day thing - because we really don't do the gift thing on father or mother's day) we went shopping.

We went shopping everywhere. Store after store. We looked at big ones, small ones, medium sized smokers. In fact I thought we had one purchased at one place, but after walking around a bit... the big guy decided it was too much money to spend and we left without purchasing anything.

The big guy then turned to his favorite store: the internet. He found exactly what he was searching for, went ahead and purchased it. We have had it in the backyard and have used it a couple of times. Heh, I say we, heh. I wait, smell the smoke and hope something good comes out. He does all the work.

Today, this is what came out! The most succulent ribs ever! Wow! I am very happy with the result of his hard work! I sent him over to Butterpig for a real man's view of smoking meat. I hope someday our smoker will look just like his does.