Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging #23, Thinking Good thoughts, Clare

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Clare over at Clare Eats Suffered a mishap last week on the way to a wedding. :-( They didn't make it to the wedding, needless to say, and Clare has spent the last week in the hospital. Go to her blog, her husband has been keeping us updated on how she's fairing.

So this week we have dedicated ourselves and our cats to cheering up Clare and Kiri. Clare is the type of person that loves pets so much, I bet she doesn't even hold a grudge against the Dog! He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Even still Clare, we hope you are found at home when you read this. Snuggling up with a good comfy blanket and Kiri at your side. This is Tyson. He's a Texas born cat who has been transplanted to sunny California. He's told me that if you'd like, he'll hop a plane and straighten out that dog! Tyson is the best cat in the world! He a cat's cat. Lean and muscular, eats only the best, and loves whipping cream. It is his only indulgence.

If you too, want to get in on the well wishing, just put up a post and get the permablogging info to Masak-masak. She'll put it all together and make sure Clare knows how much we wish her and Kiri well! And, by the way, even if you don't own a cat this week, it's okay to join in with wellness letters!
This last photo is courtesy of Meggiecat, her cat Meggie 17 years old, died this weekend. She posted a couple of vintage postcards this weekend and this postcard along with another, is part of her tribute.