Thursday, November 10, 2005

Curve just a little fast!

Curve just a little fast!
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This is what happens when you're trying to do too much at 1 in the morning.

A year ago March we hosted two gatherings for our #1 daughter's wedding. One in his home town and one in ours. Problem was is that they were only hours apart.

At midnight we realized there was no where to put the cake to transport it to the other location. (Things you learn along the way!) We decided the best place fot the cake was on my front seat. I loaded it in to the car and drove slowly toward our home. Heh. It was getting on toward one in the a.m. and I was headed down the pass a mere 20 minutes from home. Eeeeeek!!!! Look at my gas guage! I am OUT of gas! I can do a u turn in the middle of the road head back a half a mile and get gas. Sis stopped to see what I was doing, I told her what I was doing, she said okay and went on.

Of course, out in my area anyone who is anyone is tucked safely in bed by now so I don't have to worry about traffic at this point. I quickly (key word) make a u turn and before you know it - I have a perfect illustration of the scientific phenomenon that is - centrifugal force!

Can you imagine pulling in to a gas station with cake all over you? Oh and at 1 a.m. at a gas station in the middle of nowhere? 4 people. Wondering what I had done. Did she jump out of it? Is this a new wrestling phenomenon? Got really angry and took it out on the cake? Without saying a lot I got gas and carefully drove home. Took pictures and salvaged what we could of said cake. Needless to say it was a one layer representation of a wedding cake. Thank goodness it was just an open house! And thank goodness for the sheet cakes made in advance!