Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another Place...

I'd like to to work for a season. Hammond's Candies is one of the sweetest places on earth. They make the quintessential holiday candies. Hammond's has been around since 1920. Carl Hammond founded Hammond's in the mile high city of Denver Colorado and the business has lasted all these years. I say lasted, I really mean thrived. In fact business is better than ever. Their product has been carried by such notables as Crate and Barrel, Martha by Mail, William Sonoma, and Harry and David.

Hammond's is a year round candy maker. They make delicious toffees, chocolates and hard crack sugar candies in the form of lollipops and canes. Sticky sweet and oh so good. You can even take a tour of the factory Monday through Saturdays. Oh the joy they bring! If you're not in Denver, go take a virtual tour and order a stick or two!

I met Mr. Hammond, the current one, at the Fancy Food show a couple of years ago. It was grat! He was the nicest man and didn't show any inkling that he thought I was a lunatic. I very enthusiastically told him that I wanted to work in his factory. He welcomed me and told me to give him a call and he'd see what he could arrange. What a joy that would be for me. I'd love to rent a flat, cheap and convenient, and stay in Denver for a season learning the art of candy making. It would be grueling, hot and sticky work. I would probably test my limits of strength and tenacity, but I would enjoy every minute of it. The thing I want to learn the most? Ribbon Candy of course. It is my very favorite of their confections! All the pictures are from the Hammond's site!