Friday, November 11, 2005

Not in the mood? Get in the mood!

For what? The holdiays of course!

With a hat tip to Brand Autopsy I bring you the The Red Cup.

What is The Red Cup? It is Starbucks' brainchild for holiday marketing this year! Yeah, yeah, Starbucks. Go there! It has fun things to help you rev up your hiliday doldrums and also give you suggestions on how to movitavte yourself to do good stuff. Novemeber thrid's note is a test to find out what holiday cookie you are. I was a snickerdoodle! Fun. The only problem is that they haven't included the html so you can put it on your site. Oops marketing faux pas, Starbucks! The whole point of online tests are so you can share your results with the world!

Go there, have some fun.