Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Guava, Guava, who's got a Guava?

These delightful little fruits! Specialty Food News is telling us that Guava's are on the cusp of something big! The USDA research lab has announced that Guava has emerged, in preliminary findings, as a great little anti-oxidant. Blockbusters like blueberries, brocoli and pomegranates are well known anti-oxidants. Well, Guava is in their league. More intensive studies need to take place, but the evidence is pretty clear. Add Guava to your list of goods for you fruits. If your tired of the same old thing, try something a bit different! Guava's have such a wonderful flavor! Exotic, tropical and mmmmm good. I have used them for fillings in cakes and blended in buttercreams for frosting. Add them into a smoothie for a great pick me up. I wonder if you can get them freeze dried? What a great snack that would be!