Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Now that's a good use of chocolate!

This morning, the House of Brussels, out of British Columbia, announced the introduction of its "Pure Chocolate" line of healthy chocolate and wellness bars.

From the company's press release: "Initial Release Includes, Anti-Aging, Stress Free, Strong Bones, Pre-Natal, Sweet Dreams And Vitamin Bars All Made With The Purest Of Gourmet Chocolate. After almost two years of development, ChocoMed, working with some of the largest International Nutraceutical developers and providers is now bringing to market a delicious gourmet alternative to pills and capsules for the Health Conscience consumer. This has been no easy task in that many of the native nutraceuticals either have an overwhelming negative taste or interact and break down the chocolate matrix in both look and texture. Not so with ChocoMed's Pure Chocolate line. The ChocoMed team paired with its parent, internationally acclaimed Chocolatier House of Brussels Chocolates has overcome these inherent problems and are now delivering a tantalizing and scrumptious product for health conscience chocophiles world wide.

Dr. Donovan stated, "As a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon for more than thirty years, like most other Medical Doctors, one of my main concerns dealing with patients has been getting them to comply with a consistent medication regimen. Now most of us are familiar with the Mary Poppins song which told all our children that, "Just a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down...". A common sense revelation that we all have used on our children and have been seeing more and more of in Pediatric environments like vitamin "Gummy BearsTM". But what about adults? The same nutraceuticals that taste bad to children, usually taste bad to adults. So when I was approached by House of Brussels some two years ago, with the concept of marrying gourmet chocolate with nutraceuticals and maybe one day drugs, tailored more so for the adult market, I not only immediately concurred with the need, but asked to be involved."

Tim Donovan, ChocoMed's managing director and product development coordinator states, "Functional chocolates are part of a larger transformation using food systems to deliver supplements for specific medical conditions, such as Folic Acid for women, MCHC for soft bones, Q10 and other antioxidants for anti-aging etc.". ChocoMed has targeted specific medical diseases that are ideal for a chocolate delivery system.

Donovan went on to say, "As mentioned above, this has been no easy task coming up with the superior products that we are now releasing. It is not just the matter of mixing in some Nutraceutical liquid into chocolate. Even more important than the challenge of delivering a tasty and attractive looking solution is delivering a product that delivers what we say in a harmless manner. For each of our products, in collaboration with our above mentioned Nutraceutical partners, we have accumulated reams of studies confirming the good, and verifying the safeness of our products." And finally, Donovan stated, "These initial six products are only the beginning and are now available for wholesale distribution under ChocoMed's branded "Pure Chocolate" label, as well as custom packaged in volume. We are working on several more nutraceutical chocolate solutions in truffles as well as bars, and as a Physician, hopefully one day medical solutions as well."

Grant Petersen, Brussels President stated, "Bill and his team have done a magnificent job of spearheading the development of the Pure Chocolate line. From the response we have received from several world wide retailers we have consulted with on these products, we have every reason to expect a bright and very profitable future for this unlimited niche in the high end gourmet chocolate industry." See more at ChocoMed