Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh Wow!

Oh Wow!

The picture for this one is quite blurry at a larger size. So if you click on it make sure you're ready for BLUR! At it's small size it says enough! Note: I took one bite, then tried to take another picture, but was compelled to take that second one quickly. Mmmmm.

This amazing little cake! It was the Dark Chocolate cupcake. It was a dark chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate frosting. Then it is topped with little semi-sweet chocolate bits. AMAZING!!!!!!!! This cupcake is balanced so well. I will buy this one everytime I go in, along with any others available. But this one will always be on the list! Verrry good.

As I was waiting for my cupcakes to boxed, I looked around to check out the decor. I didn't see much else once I saw these:

Cup a cake!

Wowie! I had read about these, the bloggosphere is buzzing about them. Cup-a-Cake! They work great! We loaded up a couple and tossed them about, carried them around and then opened them later in the day. A few crumbs, but still very much intact. As you can see inside, there are a few little wedges inside to hold the cake in place. It pokes into the side of the cupcake and hold it in pretty well. Very cool!