Monday, May 16, 2005

Life's uncertain...

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you know the rest. (I hope!)

So the big weekend began in LA. Fun! 30 years ago me and my sweetheart were married in Los Angeles. We were high school sweethearts and after 3.5 years of dating we decided this was for life and more. We took the plunge on the 15th of May the best day ever!

We decided to visit a few of the places we went 30 years ago. But, we decided to add a new place to the list: Sprinkles!

I read the wonderful blog, Slice of Pink and just a couple of weeks ago she mentioned this new cupcake place in Los Angeles. Cupcakes! The new buzzword. I looked up their website Sprinkles, got directions, we headed off to parts, known. We drove to Los Angeles. It was a beautiful afternoon, and there was very little traffic! Headed down Santa Monica Blvd to Rodeo drive. Ah, Beverly Hills. Interesting little place, but, I digress. We pull up to Sprinkles, and out I hopped to see what I could find. The big guy went to find a place to park.

It's a cute little spot. The picture doesn't do it justice. While the building is the most charming color of chocolate, the real value is found at thier counter! This is what I found!


A wonderful assortment of cupcakes. You have to remember I'm traveling here. I had to get pics but I also had to use available space and props! These also begged to be eaten!

DSCN0013 This was my first cupcake to try. Pumpkin. It was really good! A great pumpkin flavor and the buttercream frosting was the perfect amount. Not too much, not too little. Perfect! Light, fluffy, moist. Mmmmm.

The photo at the top was my favorite flavor so far... It was a heavenly blend of lemon cake, buttercream frosting then dredged in coconut. Upon slicing it for the picture, I could already smell the lemon! Combined with the coconut icing I was transported back to a memory of me when I was seven. Grandma's Lemon Coconut cake. It was an exact replica in a tiny package!

More next post!