Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I just got en email from my very favorite "organization". eGullet has sent an email to all members letting us know that the Daily Gullet and the Recipe Gullet are back! They were sent on hiatus last year with promises of new and better things. Yay!

Why I like eGullet. I am not a professional chef. I am a professional food processor. There are yards of difference. When I go to eGullet I can read discussions of professional chefs and get simple questions answered. I read the challenges of others attempting to do some of the same things I am attempting to do. There are discussions on topics I've never had with others regarding food. One day I stumbled upon a great discussion on sugar substitutes. It was very informative and I learned quite a bit. I had heard of several of the named subsitutes, yet not had a chance to try them. Now I know where to source many of them and what they should be combined with to obtain certain results. These aren't everyday discussions you have with home-cooks. These are mass production types of discussions that in some small way will make you a better chef. Just gaining an understanding of some of the principles discussed, will make you more aware when purchasing ingredients for baking.

I must admit I am becoming a "food snob". Not that I look down my nose at anyone's attempt at baking or cooking. Not that at all. It's just when I see someone go to the effort of taking ten hours to bake and decorate a wedding cake, it is disappointing to know they chose to use artificial vanilla in the process. That's why I like eGullet. These discussions give you a reason to do better, to cook with better ingredients, and to give it your all when it comes to cooking.

They also have discussions on equipment, packaging, safety and all types of great cooking subjects. So go take a look for yourself and maybe join the discussion too.