Thursday, April 28, 2005

Martha and me

Well, I was watching an old episode of MS Living on TV. She was doing a preparation for Thanksgiving show. She took a field trip out to Decas Cranberries. Decas, as you may or may not know, is one of the largest cranberry growers in the US. While at the farm she talked to several people in the harvest and processing process. The last part of the segment showed a gentleman giving her a tour of the processing facility. This man's name is John Decas. Mr. Decas sells a fine product. When you're buying dried cranberries - remember that the cranberries from Decas is a superior product. It's all berry - not a syrup and flavor infused dried berry like other companies purvey.

You've all played the 6 degress of Kevin Bacon game? Well, seeing Mr. Decas and Martha Stewart together made me think. I have met with John Decas. I am 2 degrees from Martha Stewart. The fact that we both worked for the same brokerage firm once upon a time brings us even a bit closer. However, I don't think I'll sew it all up with a trip to camp cupcake!

File this under trivial stuff about the chronicler.