Sunday, April 03, 2005

New Food Blogger

Recently I went through the neighborhood clicking on a familiar link, then seeing where their links would send me. It's a favorite pastime of mine and probably contributes to my less than stellar always on time posts. a blog I recently stumbled on in the neighborhood was touted by someone else, unfortunately I cannot, for the life of me, remember where this new blog came from. I do know it was a guys food blog. But, I digress.

Eggbeater is a different kind of food blogger. From her biography:
"Shuna Fish Lydon is a pastry chef who is quite new to computers. Fish Lydon can be spotted at any bay area farmer's market buying seasonal fruit, grean leafies, cheese and jam. Having once had an extensive collection of eggbeaters, is down to a few choice favorites, and has sometimes identified strongly with the Luddites. Is considered to be part of the old school or the old guard of cooks; tough, thorough, methodical and efficient in the kitchen and still feels very young with an attitude of excitement and wonderment of what many take for granted."

She's just begun to blog about her experiences in the food world. Rumor has it that she's worked at Gramercy Tavern and The French Laundry. I look forward to reading her blog, and learning vicariously through her. Welcome Shuna!

The best part about Eggbeater is if you live in the Bay area she'll come to you and teach you a few tricks of the trade and how to make your experiences in the kitchen better. If I lived there, I'd schedule a class!