Friday, April 08, 2005

Good news!

The iBook will be repaired! It will take until probably Friday of next week. It's a logic board. Good thing is that the only extended warraty I've ever purchased was called AppleCare. I thought it just meant I got to call them for free for technical advice - never knew it covered the repairs! So I'll save myself a whopping $400 + the $1900 for the new powerbook, I won't be buying to replace it.

I am going out to interview someone on Monday. They were featured in this month's Saveur. He was so excited I would come talk to him! I can hardly wait. One more full week of work and this will be squeezed in between that! Ohhh! What fun we have.

I have to thank the big guy. He's letting me borrow his powerbook to my blogging in the evenings.

Update: The interview went great! When I get my iBook back I'll post the whole thing!