Saturday, April 23, 2005

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

Scharffenberger Cache
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Well, my final days with my current employer are coming to a quick end. I expect that by Tuesday afternoon, I will be without employ. I should be in a panic, however, I guess I will find a way to make money and get my own business thriving soon.

On an afternoon last week, we were doing a final inventory review. We meaning my boss, the company president, and myself. No one else was with us and he was checking this and that. We came across our supply of dipping chocolate. I inquired if we would be keeping the chocolate for another location or if we would be sourcing it to another firm. That was left up in the air. All of the chocolate was in full cases except one. I told him we probably couldn't sell a partial case and if it was okay I'd like to have it. He said sure! Take it with you today. Yay! Yay! I picked it up and carted it off before he could change his mind.

A couple of years ago, we joined with other agriculture firms and restaurants, in support of the "california Grown" campaign. In light of the campaign we did a dessert for the California Restaurant Association yearly awards dinner. In our part we decided that a signature offering of ours would debut as an all California product. From there forward we would be using a California made chocolate in our dipping operation. The chocolate company we chose is manufactures some of the finest chocolate around. If you look carefully at the picture you can see their famous logo. Scharffenberger Logo

Scharffenberger is one of my very favorite chocolates and now I have a personal stash! 14 pounds of the best stuff on the planet!