Friday, February 25, 2005

Austin Country Limits

A friend directed me this morning to Austin Country Limits. Austin, Texas is my home away from home. I first went to Austin in 1989. The moment the plane landed, and I walked out of the airport, I felt home for the first time in my life. It was a great feeling, and I miss being there. Not that SoCal isn't a great place too, it's just different! It is a wonderful city full of life, food, art, and wonderful people.

Austin is part of what Texans refer to as the Texas Hill Country and is the most beautiful place to spend time. It is homey and inviting. There are lakes and wonderful trees, parks and hilly areas to go for a nice afternoon drive. You can also dine at almost anytime of day or night on almost anything your heart desires. Take a stroll down sixth street to hear some live jazz and have a plate of mudbugs, or slip quietly into Louie's 106 and have some great pasta. On North Lamar you'll find Threadgill's with all the music history and a good plate of Southern Fried Chicken. Then talk a walk down the block (or drive a bit) over to Guadalupe and grab some Amy's Ice Cream for dessert. You can pop into Lammes Candies for pralines or a fresh dipped chocolate strawberry. Mmmm. Then head down to South Lamar to Waterloo records and possibly catch an impromptu concert by Lyle Lovett like I did one afternoon. You name it Austin, gives it. South By Southwest is coming up soon, if you like music, and you haven't been before, book yourself a reservation and go!

Ahhh. Good memories. Good friends. Good times.

I am adding a link to ACL on my sidebar. If you're anything like me, and get homesick for bluebonnets, birds and the sights of Austin, this will help take you home occasionally.