Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Yountville & Indio - A Famous Connection

Dates. As I mentioned before my favorite date is the Medjool. It is soft, chewy and has a wonderful flavor of brown sugar. It is the least famous of dates, yet my grandmother used to make her wonderful Sandollar cookies with Medjool dates. The very thought of them brings back wonderful memories.

However, the title speaks of a connection. A famous connection. Every three weeks or so a guy I know gets a call. The call is from Yountville, California. From none other than that well-renowned restaurant: The French Laundry. It seems that Thomas Keller and I have something in common. He too, likes the Medjool. Not just any Medjool however, only the best will do for him. So he calls and orders an 11 pound box from a grower in the valley. Big, plump, perfectly grown and harvested Jumbo Medjools. They appear on the menu as "Maine Lobster Tail, cuit en sous vide au beurre de Vermont - (vacuum cooked in Vermont butter), Poached Medjool dates, Caramelized Salsify Root and Champagne Emulsion". Mmmmm. As always, his impeccable taste has paired Maine lobster with poached Medjools. I have not eaten there, as I am not close by, however I can imagine the wonderful flavor of the lobster being enhanced, not over-powered, by the suttle flavor of the medjools.

I must make a trip to the bay area! However, before I go, I must make a reservation. Two months in advance! Anyone want to go along? It will also give us a chance to go by the CIA at Greystone.