Thursday, February 03, 2005

Okay, Okay, I hear ya.

I know I have been slacking since the trip and all. However, I have good reasons. I spent two days getting a contract ready and getting it signed for my first ever wedding reception catering job. Wow! This year is to be my year. The year I step out into the darkness and go on my own. I am glad to have the opportunity to have good friends help get this ball rolling and we will do great things together.

The catering part of my life will allow me to earn money while getting things set up for my own food production facility. That is where I want to end up and catering is a great transition job. I will begin to build a building hwere production will take place soon and it will need to be funded with money. So show me the jobs! I will only do receptions as they are pretty demanding in their own right. I don't want to do luncheons or dinners as there are so many variables with them. Receptions can be well defined and have a specific schedule. One of my daughters and my great sister are willing to help get this project off the ground. We have done them in the past, tons of them, however I usually did it as a gift while the parents foot the bill for supplies. But now, we'll turn this into a full fledged business. I am looking forward t the hard work.

So that is what has had me pre-occupied. I am still working on reviews of the NASFT show. I do have to have a primer on photo linkage from the big guy so I can begin to upload photos to go with all the businesses I talk about. This will get done this evening so tomorrow there should be photos to go along with some verbage. I would even like to see a photo for the Ethos campaign I'm doing.