Monday, February 14, 2005

Ahh, breakfast.

Busy weekend. Saturday was spent running errands to finish up preparations for the wedding I'm catering in March. So I got up real early and made my way out to avoid crowds and to grab a bite to eat after a majority of the errands had been done. I decided to stop by a favorite breakfast place and enjoy someone else's cooking.

Let me tell you: If burned pain perdue, watery eggs, overdone sausage and not really cooked red potatoes (disguising themselves as homefries) is your idea of a great breakfast I recommend Mimi's Restaurant on Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino. This is not the first experience of a less than stellar meal with them so I had to write and let you know about it. If you are into really mediocre food, this restaurant is the place. Other Mimi's I've been to in the past have been good (I don't mean great, but good) and their breakfasts are usually the best. I really believe it is the general manager's lack of leadership that puts this specific location on my "not to return" list. Maybe not, but I do believe in top down leadership, setting the pace for successful businesses.