Wednesday, June 01, 2005

El Indio Shop

El Indio
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This little corner restaurant is a San Diego landmark. I have been going there since 1972, when I was attending the university there. It was established in 1940 as a tortilla factory. People, in the area working, would stop in and comment on the aroma wafting forth from the building and ask if there was anything they could purchase to eat. At the time it was only a tortilla factory, but after some careful thought El Indio's was born. It is still family owned and operated.

They began serving simple mexican fare and it has been a San Diego favorite for many, many years.

This is a sample of our favorites. In the foreground is my favorite. Mordiditas. I order them everytime. They are taquitos smothered in nacho cheese sauce and jalapenos. You then dribble a small amount of salsa on it and dive in. Also pictured is their rice, taquitos and in the very back a flan.

El Indio Shop also has other delicious items such as prepared tamales, tacos, enchiladas, well basically anything you can thin to order. I have rarely been disappointed with anything we have ordered as a group. Oh, yeah, did I mention we usually go in a group of eight or more to eat? Everyone orders something diefferent and we all share. The tortillas are fab! They are made on site with fresh ground masa and then fried and sprinkled with a bit of chile powder.

These pics were part of our tour of the southland on our anniversary weekend. El Indio's is at 3695 India street just south of Washington. Take the five freeway south to Washington and go east to India. You can eat in, take out or even have them prepare a feast for you to take home and warm up for later. Stop by the next time you're in San Diego!