Monday, June 20, 2005

Entering the room

Entering the room
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Okay. So this is how I have been spending my time. Painting, flooring, moulding, moving and piles.

I missed Sugar High Friday! Tartletts are my signature dish and I just didn't have the time. I will be posting a tartlett piece this week though.

From the opposite corner As you can see, this room is not all that large. However, once everything is put in its place (mise en place!) there will be ample room to do all the wonderful things I have in mind. Photography, scanning, creating, sewing, small quilting projects, and computing. All of my amazing cooking and catering stuff is stored in the closet with a roll down cover to keep things looking tidy.

In the photo you see a large tv on the bureau. It iwll soon be up on the wall through the use of a nice wall mount we got in December. Finally! Also, you see my flat file filled with rubber stamps and paper, cutting tools, embossing stuff and all things crafty. My light boxes will have a place and I will begin scanning slides from days long gone and will be decorating the walls with excellent pictures I have taken over the years.

Empty wall & cornerThis wall is the blank wall awaiting those pictures!. Also in the corner will be a large book shelf filled with the books that inspire me. I will share a pic of it filled when it is in place, hopefully, tomorrow. Where all this stuff came from was in different places around the house. By remaking this room, I have also gained a dining room! A shot of that new area will come with my IMBB entry on Friday.

Thanks for reading, a much improved blog is on the way!