Sunday, June 05, 2005


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Okay so you're expecting photos. This, unfortunately, is not yesterday's cake.

Yesterday's temperatures reached into the 90's. Needless to say, the cake did not survive long in the heat of the day. I argued with the woman hosting the reception. I begged her to move the cake from direct sun to somewhere inside to a cooler venue. However, stating that the cake was the centerpiece of the recption (I understand that) it must stay where it was, as three hours away, the lighting was directed to that perfect spot.

The cake melted away and was very disappointing to all. We did get shots of the bride and groom cutting the cake and enjoying a first piece together and then quickly took it apart and began serving it. I will never do an outdoor wedding in the summer time again. Everyone did love the cake though! They raved about the flavors and the frosting. Well that's great. I'm glad they did enjoy it. I just wish when I say it is not going to last in direct sunlight, people would listen. It could all have been saved, if they had listened.

What I learned. Cake school was right. Buttercream is not a good way to go when the venue is outdoors. Even when the cake turns into disasters, good friends take it in stride. My friends, took it well, and all was not lost. Friends are more important than cake any day.