Sunday, June 12, 2005

I haven't been cooking much

I am currently in the process of remodeling a room that has been a bedroom for years. It is currently being redone so I can have some creative space.

It will be the computer room with scanner, printer and all the necessary computer stuff.
It will be my photography room where I can photograph all the different things I do - cooking, crafting, quilting, and the people I love.
It will be my design room for quilting. Also the occasional room to set up the frames and tie a quilt. I decided a couple of years ago that hand quilting will not be something I can do with ease. Machine quilting has come a long way, I will have most of what I do machine quilted.
It will be the sewing room. I do sew, mostly I curse. However, I can sew up some pretty cute togs for kids that don't require buttons or zippers!
It will also be a storage room for all the cooking things I don't use everyday as my kitchen is so small!

The floor was installed yesterday. The walls have already been painted - the most glorius color of chocolate on one wall, and hot cocoa on the other three. The molding will go up Monday and then I can move in.

While I get finished up, go take a look around at a few of my favorite places. Take a look at the links column and go discover some places you haven't been before!