Monday, February 11, 2008

"Hot"test Selection at the Show

My creation
In 2006 Stephanie Marcon had just graduated from the Pastry Program at Greystone, the west coast's arm of the Culinary Institute of America. She interned with famed chocolatier Michael Recchiuti before deciding to launch her own line of chocolates. (In the last paragraph of this post is a coupon code to receive a 15% discount, read on !)

The result? Coco-Luxe Chocolates. Coco-Luxe is a unique line of chocolates based upon Stephanie's childhood favorite treats. In her own words, “I saw and tasted dozens of super premium chocolates but not many that celebrate classic American flavors,” says Stephanie. “I decided to make high quality chocolate in retro American flavors that are whimsical, fun and delicious – better than what you remember having as a child. I think of it as comfort food in a high end form.”

And, she does not disappoint. I noticed Coco-Luxe's tower of Chocolate tins from the corner of my eye. It intrigued me and I decided I had to see what they were all about. Well, Coco-Luxe was launching their new Hot Chocolate line at the show and I decided, after tasting it, I had to write about this great company.

Stephanie, came from the corporate world. Armed with an MBA and 10 years of corporate America behind her, she was ready to strike out on her own and I am glad she did. I chose Coco-Luxe's Hot (Chocolate) as my "Best in Show" item. You see, I am a hot chocolate connaisseur! I have tasted them all. From the chocolate giants to the small independents and Stephanie's product is the best by far. You simply must try Hot!

It is heading into springtime and if you are not feeling the need for Hot, buy a tin and wait until the chill is in the air. While you wait you can have a few of the delicious confections they have available. My fave? Chocolate Malt. Yep that old favorite, real malt and deep chocolate. Mmmm. Oh and the Banana Split, and oh my goodness the German Chocolate! You simply must try them.

Right now Coco-Luxe is offering Food Chronicles readers a 15% discount on your purchases through February. Just type in FOODY in the coupon box when you check out! I know Valentine's Day is approaching, and that is a great gift, but really is there really a bad time for chocolates this good?