Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Cal Blogger meet up

So my sis has put together a small meet up with some of the SoCal bloggers we've gotten to know over the last year or so. It's going to be at Downtown Disney on Friday for lunch. And guess what? I get to do the lunch. Yep, I've been type cast! I will only get that same role over and over. Let the food blogger, bring the food! Not a bad way to go I say. Now I know I'll at least get a few chances at conversation that otherwise would be non-existent.

You see, I can type away, blathering on about this and that for days on end. Posting to the blog and enjoying all my virtual friends. Put me on the stage, to meet up with people in real life? Oh the introvert in me surfaces and I sit there, not saying a word. I just get quieter and quieter. And my sis? well she takes up the slack, thank goodness! We both drive home talking to each other with a conversation that goes much like this: "I should have at least said something. Yeah, maybe if you would have I would have stopped at some point!"

We've done it before. We went to a meet-up in another state once. It was too funny. A group of women, not knowing each other other than through the association of a blog, meet up and sit around a table and chat. It was fun, no food involved, so there I was, sitting there. Saying something insignificant on occasion, and listening. Not that listening is a bad thing.

So in order to counteract my silence I'm bringing food! Yes, the great co-companion, my spokesperson! A wonderful salad, a bit of the staff of life (a great sourdough), and a simple treat to finish it all off. Yep, that'll do my talking for me, and I won't look like a social nitwit!

Spinach Salad