Monday, February 04, 2008

Q Tonic

For quite some time I have been a fan of a cold glass of tonic water with fresh lime. There is nothing quite as refreshing to me. I don't drink alcohol, but still find tonic a great replacement for soda. However, I about two years ago stopped drinking it because of the high fructose corn syrup used by most makers of tonic water. Now that has changed!

Q Tonic, drew my attention as I passed by their booth at the show. Black and white, classic elegance indeed. The bottle, drew me in. Is it not gorgeous? But the proof is in the taste. Clean, crisp, with light fragrance and taste. Delicious!

So who is Q Tonic? Q Tonic is the brain child of Jordan Silbert. The idea began in November of 2006. Around the barbeque with a group of friends, Jordan was at his best. Mixing drinks, sharing stories, and enjoying the light breezes of November in Brooklyn. He had mixed a couple of drinks for himself and noticed a sticky coating on his teeth. He looked at the ingredient panel on the tonic water he was using and noticed it had 25 grams of sugars listed in the form of high fructose corn syrup. A friend was having a Sprite, he looked at that label and was astounded to see Sprite only had 1 more gram of sugars. Each of his friends were amazed that tonic had sugar at all. And now to realize it was high fructose corn syrup, the conversation quickly turned to the movie Fast Food Nation.

That discussion lingered with Jordan. He asked his friends if it was time for a high end tonic water? You're buying upscale vodkas and gins, don't you want to mix it with something of as high a quality? Of, course was their answers.

So Jordan began the task of developing a better tonic water. Four years in the making, Q tonic has the benefit of exhaustive research and the finest ingredients. Q Tonic is sweetened with Agave. The other ingredient that makes this product so good is Peruvian quinine, Cinchona Bark. All bottled in a beautifully designed glass bottle. The calories? 24 per serving. Now that, I can live with.

If you haven't seen or tasted Q Tonic, go to their website and see where you can pick some up and begin enjoying this fine addition to your liquid refreshment.