Thursday, October 18, 2007

PowerDrinks, the new soda pop?

I watch with interest my kids consumption of PowerDrinks. All of my sons-in-law drink them, I have a couple of daughters that I know have been bitten by the bug too. I haven't ever had one. Sure a gatorade or two after a race when I was in track but the stuff tasted do bad I just couldn't get through them.

It seems they have taken the 20 something crowd by storm. They taste good, they are marketed to death and are being chosen for the perceived boost it will give you when you're tired and need to keep going. Got more homework than you can handle? Got a deadline at work? Need to drive across the state for a concert after working all day? These are just some of the reasons being sited for the consumption of power drinks. The sales of them are highest at convenience stores, obviously, but are also beginning to line shelves at grocery stores and are taking up more inches of shelf space than certain sodas. Yes the soda companies are feeling the pinch and many of them are getting in the game.

Will they replace soda pop? Not completely, but they will erode market share and if you're a producer not paying attention, it may be your shelf space they steal.