Friday, October 19, 2007

Lindt Chocolate

Some good news out of Lindt Chocolate today! For the first time ever they have decided to share some chocolate recipes with the public. Lindt has compiled a recipe book for consumers.

Lindt Chocolate Passion is filled with recipes. From the description: "Maîtres Chocolatiers share with you for the first time the personal recipes and techniques they use at home when cooking and entertaining for family and friends. Not only will you learn tips for working with chocolate, you'll find exquisite photographs that illustrate more than sixty chocolate recipes for: Truffles; Bark, Fruit & Fondue; Mousse, Crème and Parfait; Cookies & Brownies; Cakes; Tarts, Cheesecakes and Small Desserts; Chocolate Drinks."

Looks like I've got a new cookbook to purchase!