Sunday, November 25, 2007

#25 Waffle Brownies

Not a cookie per se but still a great addition to the goody tray for friends and neighbors. I've posted on these before and everyone who tried them loved them.

Waffle Brownies!
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Okay this is the simplest of treats! One sauce pan is all you'll need, and a spoon. So I mixed up all the ingredients and spooned them on the waffle iron.

Took a pic so you could see and then closed the lids for about four minutes:

Ready to Eat Look how good these turn out! Lift them, with a fork, off the iron and do it again. I made a dozen brownies with my recipe.

Warm with buttercream Here they are with icing. A little chocolate buttercream this time. Mmmmm.

After tasting them, I would add a bit more cocoa possibly a third of a cup or instead of water, maybe use chocolate syrup. Or I could always use chocolate chips in the mix. Oh and I'd add a bit of vanilla too!