Monday, September 24, 2007

Interstate Baking, So Long California!

Wonder Bread was born in Indianapolis Indiana by the Taggert Baking Company. In 1925, Taggart was purchased by Continental Baking Corporation. After years of serving the general public and making long strides in bringing "fast breads" to the ordinary household Wonder was purchased by Interstate Baking Corp in 1995. Now, after years of struggles, IBC has announced the death of Wonder Bread in California.

"Yeah, so I haven't bought Wonder Bread in years. It white, sliced and fluff." Well, yes. But IBC is not just Wonder Bread. It's Hostess, Home Pride, Roman Meal and a few other brands we all know and love. So is it the end of Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes????!!!! No. IBC is shuttering their bread operations, not the snack foods division from what I can tell. IBC isn't talking about it except to say the bread operation is shutting down.

Union officials are saying it's a dodge. They will truck bread in from Nevada to avoid labor and union disputes here in California. The union blames IBC. IBC blames the union. The two combined blame California and its not so friendly environment for business.

Either way, come October 29th, "Wonder Bread" will just be another racial epithet here in the Sunshine state.(I use the "sunshine state" thingy because we really are, no rain here in two years, except in Malibu, so we're really the sunshine state)California is actually the Golden state, yeah because there's gold in them thar hills!