Thursday, September 27, 2007

Correlation: Breast Cancer and alcohol

I read with interest this article on yahoo today. Recently there has been important news with regard to the link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. It seems that 3 drinks a day of wine, beer or "spirits" increases a woman's breast cancer risk by the same rate as a pack of cigarettes. Whoa! That is alarming. I do not drink but I do have friends who do. If reducing your risk of getting that dreaded disease can be avoided by simply reducing the amount of alcohol one imbibes, it would seem it is worth the sacrifice.

I have not read the study, and the article does not go into detail as to how many times a week, or whether it matters if you are predisposed to the disease by genetics traits, but if you do drink, study it out. It will be worth it, if it changes just one person's behavior.