Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now onto the real rascals!

Monsanto is only doing what congress and the USDA and FDA have allowed them to do. So how could you blame them. They're in it to make as much money as possible and to make their shareholders happy. They have no conscience or soul, just the determination to rule the world food-wise.

The real culprits are our government, yes all those lovely politicians, who spout verbiage about how much they care about their constituents and how much they want to do for us folks back home. Funny, the problem is, Monsanto is not my neighbor. Neither is Archer-Daniels Midland or ConAgra. But they are the guys that my congress people and representatives seem to listen to the most. Why is that?

Well, the most obvious reason is the money. All three of those companies have waaaaaaay more money than I'll amass in three lifetimes. But that shouldn't matter. I do pay taxes and that should get me a voice with politicians. I could get grumpy and complain that no one listens to me and my voice and vote is not heard. Or I could really begin searching the net and LEARNING about those things that matter to my family and future generations.

Sheri Dew once said that the most powerful force in the world is mothers. I believe she is right. Most of my readers are women. Most of them have a mother, possibly will be mothers someday, or will have nieces and nephews and small people and old people that they care about. I venture to say if we would listen to our hearts, on matters like these, we women could be a force to be reckoned with vs the Monsanto's of the world! In fact there is a woman in India that has done just that: Vandana Shiva is an Eastern Indian woman. She is educated and has become outspoken on the methodologies employed by companies such as Monsanto and Coca-Cola. She is not happy with the way these companies come in and take advantage of Indian farmers and villages. She has made a difference.

We too, can make a difference. How?

To begin, go here: Organization for Food Safety and read about the existing problems with the FDA and USDA. A brief synopsis is that on Dec 6 2006 the FDA approved the sale of cloned animals in the U.S. without, and I emphasize, WITHOUT notice to consumers. They are seeking comments from consumers about how we feel about this and will make a permanent ruling after they hear from us. We must take this seriously. We must write, not only the FDA, but our representatives and senators about this issue before April 2 of 2007. If we sit back, and do nothing, we will be at the mercy of animal cloning experts, eating what ever they decide to grow in a laboratory. Drinking milk from and udder not attached to a cow!

If you do go to the Food Safety site, you can send an email from their site. However, the fact that you wrote a letter yourself, and sent it to each of your political contacts, will mean much more. Politicians and the FDA get thousands of emails a day. They are often ignored. A snail mail letter has been proven to get better results.

Please I urge you to take action. It is up to us. The mothers and sisters, the aunts and nieces, of this country to band together to change the horrible path our nation is on regarding the food we consume.