Saturday, January 06, 2007

Emily Stone

Wow. I have just stumbled across a very interesting blog. Of course, you all know, I am very interested in chocolate. Chocolate in Context has personified the definition of a life obsessed with chocolate. Not the "crazy" form of obsession though, the very good form. Emily has lived the world of chocolate, globe trotted, learned and allowed herself to be schooled. Schooled well, I might add. Not that she needs my endorsement or approval, by any means. I'll just add my admiration from afar.

Recently Emily had the opportunity to interview John Scharffenberger. It is one of the best interviews I've ever read. Her process of making him feel comfortable is superb. She established rapport and gave the impression they were fast friends sharing a phone call. John mentions at the end how pleasant it waas to be interviewed by her. I agree. She asked the right questions, shared her knowledge and allowed all of us to learn through the process also.

Thank you Emily. I'll read you often.