Monday, January 29, 2007

A Bit of Good News

Friday I spoke to Heather over at the Center for Food Safety. She mentioned we have some good news. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland) will introduce a bill to the senate dealing with cloned foods notification. It's called the Cloned Food Labeling Act and states that we need to be informed about what types of food we are eating. The full text of her press release is here. I told you it would be the women of the U.S. that would make an impact on these types of things!

The fight is not over though. There is still plenty of things we must do. We still need to tell the FDA we're not happy with what they are proposing. The FDA used to be the policing arm in the food world, now it seems we need to police them. Please go and let them know you're not happy with the cloned food ruling. Please also contact your senators and tell them you want them to support Senator Mikulski's bill. The FDA is going to rule in April. Senator Mikulski's bill could be in committee for months or years. By talking to your friends, neighbors and local politicians you support Senator Mikulski and her bill.

Back to Heather. She has a blog now keeping us informed of food news called True Food. Go by say hello and check back often. She is employed by the Center for Food Safety and runs the blog with their assistance. She'll be a good contact in keeping everyone informed of news and true information. I love the header "Food Fight". It's a far cry from the gymnasium/cafeteria of junior high, but it's still a fight. I'm keeping the True Food blog high on my list of contacts.

The blog is an arm of the True Food Organization. The website does a pretty good job of listing the issues of genetically modified foods. It is a good resource for learning about genetically modified foods, what you can do as a consumer and what you should be concerned about regarding your family's food consumption. There's a shoppers guide, a take action section and a supermarket campaign program. Go there. Take a look and see what foods you should be avoiding and why.